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Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
I would recommend using the HGSS sprites and tiles, but that makes the hack less original but more 3d like.

I really like the way this hack is presented which makes me want to say Kudos for this hack :D
And what's so good about 3D?
A 3rd gen hack trying to look 4th gen entirely, doesn't work.
He's being original by not trying to put in 4th gen tiles/ 3D looking tiles.
If you wanted a 3D-esque hack, play a hack like Shiny Gold. Simple as!
I like the Tiles Makes the hack seem like an official game!

I have nothing against Shiny Gold I'm just saying, if all remakes were the same, would we even enjoy them as much as we do!

@Zodiac: -
Wow! Awesome, I thought you'd may consider porting the World Map from Fire Red. This is a pretty sweet remake, Everything looks very professional! As always, if you need help with graphics, just send a PM or something.

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