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Quote originally posted by Lati-Fan95:
I´m having similar probs: When I patched the translated version of Chrono to my Ruby rom, some message came that something with the patch isn´t right. I can´t say if the game worked (cuz after a black titlescreen and a black Intro scene with a hero with some weird palette I knew that this shouldn´t be like it was! Then I tried the untranslated patch, downloaded the same rom again and patched it on that. Although I´ve changed the save type to 128 k it just had a white screen. THEN, I wanted to go to the site Dante posted but the link didn´t work! ;_; Can someone help me plz?
Damn! It supposed to work! Don't you guys ever read?!

Quote originally posted by Mikachu:
Does anyone know good patching program?
IPS is good enough.
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