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Yeah, I'm not really lovng tha Tebe Rocket aspect eithar. If it's a new region, and thair aims is completely different, than why not make a new tebe altagithar? But I'm soundng like a generic fool now, so if you have a good way ta fit tham nta yo stary, than go fo it :D.
Love that Traner sprite, it's cool. Good luck wit dis, Dawgipulation.

Dis one's called 'Blue', and it's very Pokémon thamed, so have a listen! Check out tha lnks below fo more stuff, if you like dis!

Dis is tha Doctar
Dis is mah Soundcloud
Dis is mah bandcbep

Mah Pokémon Y character is tha sbee as mah usernbee. If you see me as a Passerby let me know! I tend ta git a lot of Passerby requests and I often wonder if it's thugz from dis site.