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Quote originally posted by Zelfier:
From what I see on the first four screenshots, you're mapping like the original style, right?
This looks good. Very intriguing story. And, if you don't know, the "Spherical Ice" on the Credits is a link.
I'm making a mix of my own style, mixed in with the original style, I guess. Thanks, it's meant to be intriguing. But, I guess if people want a more detailed story, I can whip out the non-intriguing tl;dr version?

Quote originally posted by The Ominous Plains:
hmm, stick to the old forumal eh?
Like Rijon Adventures. Might be promising.
Of course.

Quote originally posted by Sini:
I like this idea. But I think going through and fighting Team Rocket again will be a bit repetitive for some people. But it sounds like your really confident about this, so good luck with that!
I guess so, but, it's not really repetitive if the events are different, is it now?

Quote originally posted by giradialkia:
Yeah, I'm not really loving the Team Rocket aspect either. If it's a new region, and their aims are completely different, then why not make a new team altogether? But I'm sounding like a generic fool now, so if you have a good way to fit them into your story, then go for it :D.
Love that Trainer sprite, it's cool. Good luck with this, Manipulation.
Thanks, Chibi Robo made it.

Quote originally posted by Sini:
Team Enigma... how about using a Red-Black or Red-White theme?
And maybe give them hats like the lucario dude has. There's lots of possibilities when you make a hack based on a new region.
Hm.. Maybe. But, if you've seen my signature and avatar, the 'rival' has a hat like such. I wouldn't really want him to mix in with them. Red-Black is certainly an interesting colour scheme, might use that actually. Not sure about the hats though. I feel, with overworlds, you can express more about the person through their hair shading, than through clothing.