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Fire Red uses 640 and R/S/E 512 in the major tileset. The tileset it self is small, don't believe me? Checkout unLZ in 1640 for Ruby and 1990 for Fire Red. So, Fire Red has more and Ruby less.
I get it now. You see, I thought you were talking about the amount of tiles you can have in your tileset in AdvanceMap (the 16x16 tiles), I didn't know you meant the 8x8 tiles that make up the 16x16 tiles.

Originally Posted by ZodiacDaGreat View Post

Currently looks exactly like Emerald's The width of the box is exactly same as Fire Red's and Emerald's but only the text position is different. I'd like to thank interdpth for motivation and loads of tips. ---
If you're talking about the font then, most people don't notice this, but Emerald's font is slightly different than FireRed/LeafGreen's. The R/S font is huge, the FR/LG font is tiny, and the Emerald font is slightly bigger than FR/LG's.

Anyways, I have an idea: Why don't you use different trees for Johto, instead of the FR/LG trees? In G/S/C, Johto had "pointy" trees, while Kanto had round trees, so I think you should use the FR/LG trees for Kanto only, and use a different tree for Johto, to differentiate them a little more.
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