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Quote originally posted by The Ominous Plains:
Hmm, I would say go with Red, maybe thats just me.
I like the Platinum intro colours. This hack is coming along swiftly.

Quote originally posted by H2O Turquoise:
Looking sharp, good luck.
Thanks, kind of generic, but I'll let it slide.

Quote originally posted by Pokepal17:
Looks nice.
You could make the flowers a nice shade of red blue - shinx blue. :3

Harry </3 red. D:

Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
okay, I realy like the trainer sprite. The overworld is great but the sides can be tweeked a little bit more for perfection. The Features are not that existing, nothing new :P. Oh, and Why is Buneray so low on the screen it looks odd. I also thought it looked odd where the dirt path then changes to bricks. Overall pretty good, Good Job.
It already is perfection. Who cares in all honesty, it's all about gameplay. not 11111 ninty pokemuns shiny gaiz 7 legends k go.

Quote originally posted by Luck:

Yeah, I'm a hater.
Robin Egg Blue>Everything.

And NarutoActor is right. It would look much better if the paths were separate.
Ew, no u. Actually, it's a transition that is frequently used. It's staying.

Quote originally posted by The Final Destination:
I love it! I like the story, the sprites (,duh), BUT I don't like the the road connection on screen 2. Make those separate.
Thanks. Might have a job for you, soon.

Quote originally posted by Chibi Robo:
Cause I sprited it 8D

The OW has been tweaked to perfection already and really it can't get much better then that :l
Like harry said were trying to make this like an official pokemon game.

Quote originally posted by NarutoActor:
I get that, but every new game nintendo comes out with, they adds on new features.
Yeah, but we don't get 3D systems with no limits, do we?

Quote originally posted by The Ominous Plains:
@ NarutoActor, I commented earlier on this, manipulation just said that he wanted it to be like a proper pokémon game.
Rijon Adventures didn't really have any amazing special features, just great maps and scripts.
Is it not possible for the same to be done here?
ilu <3 kbye

Quote originally posted by Spherical Ice:
Lol I'm spriting for this?

I didn't expect you to post this so early. Nice, obviously.

And I swear that layout is a sienna-coloured version of Azure Horizons' layout. Not really, but it looks like it.

I meant to say Beta Testing. :P