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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
I wanted to say something but looking through the thread, I see that almost everything I was going to point out has already been mentioned :'(
I do have one question though: who names their son "Granite"? o.O
Well, Hero is called Granite, Heroine is called Shian. It has a deep back plot to it, but, the short story is where the hack originated from. My hack, Shian, and Chibi's hack, Granite. Anyway, you call call them whatever you want. But, those are the default names. Along with the main rival, Harry, in my signature.

Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Anyways, if you ask me, I'd say you're trying too hard to follow in the footsteps of the other Emulation moderators (Thrace and Christos, to be specific). I get the feeling that you're holding yourself back in an attempt to fit into the mold established by the other staff members (including Hiroshi Sotomura). After seeing your contributions to Broken Beacon, I was expecting something more... innovative, I guess. Whatever it is, your hack is definitely lacking something. The first few posts already brought this up but this hack just doesn't really stand out in any way. I think you need something fresh and new to make this hack unique.
It just feels like something's missing. I hope you find it.
Best of luck.
Mhm, thanks. In all honesty, I'm not actually copying anyone. Most ideas are by myself and Chibi Robo. Also, it's only the beginning of the game, it's uniqueness will show as it goes on. Thanks anyway. Adding on something I forgot: I have a spectacular new feature that I'll be showing you as soon as I can.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Wow, you're taking another shot at Rom Hacking?
That's good for a start because of the amazing Hero OW you sprited.

Everything looks nicely made.

Good luck with this and I hope you won't quit this hack.
I never really stopped hacking, and thanks.

Just a preview of what happens after you get your Pokémon.


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