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Quote originally posted by Alucus_Of_Borg:
What you need is to go and post in the recruitment thread mate, theres more chance of you getting someone to help in there.

Quote originally posted by Xaviar:
Your only idea is a moderator badge? How about storyline, features, ANYTHING!? If you don't give people ideas to work off of, how is anyone supposed to help you? Do a bunch of cats run around killing each other over a limited supply of catnip? What about upgradable claws and special armor? Are magic skills included? Or is this just what it sounds like, a field of grass filled with cats grooming themselves and coughing up hairballs?

By the way, that badge needs work.

I know.

Dude, chill this is a game being made by a 10 year old!
I do have more ideas thats the only test-finished one.
And this is a KIDS game I won't have killing!
"By the way, that badge needs work." it's the test-finished version! Not finished and it was drawn at first and hand drawn by a 10 year old and hand-coloured by a 10 year old you expect it too be perfect now?

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