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well proud to see this club growing more and more as days pass by, *snif* lol

well to answer ur question, it took me the friggin amount of 74 hours to find that charmander, not by hatching but by sofresetting in the beggining (ya know take the pokeball open it and reset)

That of course in 5 days play. (im sick i know)

aaaaand chansey still doesnt come out!! but ill keep trying. WElcome to the new members! u dont have to have any shiny, just search for them!

and give me good rep!!! i want two bars soon!!!!!

ryan, i miss u man, ur abstent a lot ! lol hope u get better with those stiches!

and people, have a happy hunting!!!
~>{*Shiny hunters Club*}<~

Full credits to MetalMario for the card and for the banner!
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