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Let's discuss ... our loved Geodude-lover , the HIKER !! :

Travelling through generations , the hiker had many sprites . These are :


Sweet lord , such a fatty !! Someone go to the Fat Guys' Camp , and leave his food pack home !!


Aaaaand , he did like I said . Even tough , not much weight off . :/


Hmmmm , again intriguing that he went to the Fat Guys' Camp again , but didn't lose much weight !
Anyways , I llike that is stick is much more IN the photo , so it can be seen . He's a HIKER after all .


Good , they totally changed his design and he totally LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT !!! He also shows a huge backpack and has a different colour scheme .


Back to the old design ;_; . WHY ??? I loved your old style , and now you're fat again !!
Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.

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