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Quote originally posted by Pokepal17:
Ooh, they looks nice. However, I can't help but point out tha you used the wrong punctuation for quotation. You should have used ["] for the beginning of the quote and " for the end of the quote. However, it's only a minor issue. Can't wait to see that Steven OW. :3
Mhm. Actually, they're quotational marks, not speech marks.

Quote originally posted by Cheryl Cole ♥:
The updates are awesome Harry! You and the team have done very well.
Good luck to you and the team. :)

Quote originally posted by countryemo:
oh my gosh! this game looks awesome! it probably is awesome, cant wait

Quote originally posted by chrunch:
This looks amazing! I can't wait for beta1!:D
The updates are great!:D:D

I've got a huge problem at the moment, it seems like every single female NPC freezes the game. So, for now, the NPC's are all male until I can find the source of the problem.

I updated all my screens with update version of them with the new textbox. Here's also a preview of events to come.