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Quote originally posted by Naoi:
The maps and scripts look absolutely wonderful, from what I can see. I love how much effort you seem to be putting into this hack. I like how you put the Johto starters in the hack, but, it is a bit overused, imo... I mean, I do see a lot of hacks using the Johto Starters, but it's your choice. I'll obviously be using Cyndaquil. I'm really looking forward to playing this hack. I might try out beta 1 and that's it when it comes out, then go for the final beta, but I will be watching this thread. ;D

Good luck, Harry and Max~
I like Johto starters. :3 And thanks.

Quote originally posted by H2O Turquoise:
Nice, red! I've always liked colorful textboxes.
The thing about the glitch doesn't sound very good...

Quote originally posted by Zelfier:
Female NPC's freeze the game? Why don't you try re-scripting or re-inserting them?
I also like the reddish text box, <3
It's not the scripts, it's a corrupt ASM routine.

Quote originally posted by Cirnos Servant:
Usually when something like this happens, you make a backup, and on that backup delete the last few things you did (scripts, people etc) then try it out.

It's how I fix most glitches.

But otherwise, good luck :)
Hm.. I have a back-up without it. But, I think it wouldn't be that hard to fix it; so I'm continuing on this ROM.

Few Updates:

Screen 1: Screen of Colt Path, showing off Max. :3
Screen 2: Hero backsprite and Max front sprite.
Screen 3: Showing tree stump searching feature.
Screen 4: Nothing? Aw, too bad.
Screen 5: Yay, Toto evolved! <3
Screen 6: Yay event preview.