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Quote originally posted by rokrdude:
can anyone tell the problem in script
The problem is after i battle the person im able to control his sprite and not mine(mine remains fixed at the position)


#dynamic 0x700000

#org @start
trainerbattle 0x0 0x001 0x0 @before @after
setflag 0x900
checkflag 0x901
if 0x0 goto @beaten
checkflag 0x902
if 0x0 goto @beaten
checkflag 0x903
if 0x0 goto @beaten
msgbox @bb 0x6

#org @before
= Lately, I've had a lot to worry about...

#org @after
= You just added to my worries...

#org @beaten
msgbox @aa 0x6

#org @aa
= You have defeated the\n Kanto Island Leader i.e. me \pNow go and defeat the other leaders.

#org @bb
= You have defeated all the\nleaders of PARADISE ISLANDS.\pYou can now go and\nchallenge the ELITE 4.\pBest of luck!!
Any solutions to the problem?

If we want to use custom flags in ruby like 0x900 is there a special command needed so that flag can be used in the script or can we give
command like checkflag 0x900 before even using setflag 0x900?