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@bilkev: Thanks. And if anyone is wondering why he c+p the first reply, he explained it to me, it's because he has bad english skills.

Now onto a update...
Project haulted for two weeks

Sadly just three days ago a masive trojan managed to get past my avg anti virus and completely wipe the hardive of my computer, turning it into a load of 011010101010101010101010101 etc...

I do now have another pc, windows 7 and everything. Hopefully rmxp will work on it.
Don't worry about any maps though, they're all on photobucket. The main thing lost is the actual game file, I'll now have to start the entire thing again, from the start. Eventhough this is extremely annoying and time consuming, it does give the game a chance to start over all new and fresh. Anything that I made at the start of the game, after all, is no were near as good as what I can do today.

The start of the new fresh look will be a complete reworking of most of the games tiles by master tile artist Dew. I'll have an update of every map so far in two weeks with all the new tiles included. Also, by then our spriter, Godlytion (did I tell you guys that yet...), will most likey have finished all of the sprites for the main character and possibly others.

So keepan eye on the thread in a coupl of weeks for the biggest update yet!

Demo Beta out Now!