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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
Awesome, glad to hear the glitch is fixed. :3

Also, I hope the two rivals have very opposite personalities that will clash with each other. :P
BTW, Chibi Robo, you're spriting is awesome. :P
They do. :)

Originally Posted by Chibi Robo View Post
Harry you forgot to mention that my character is a total jerk in the game :o

Hackmew gets some max points for fixing the glitch (b'')b

+1 Max points are good. <3

Originally Posted by Jesse[TB Pro] View Post
OHO HACKMEW NEEDS A HUG! Oh, is that screen with the huge trees a forest? I would bet not, seeing as it's not dark...
HE DOES. Actually, the forest is stormy and has lightning. Just not in those screens.


I'm not too bothered about posting screenshots, but; I've finished scripting up to the first gym. Now, got to map the gym and script it. :)
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