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Quote originally posted by PRKING:
thanks and sorry for asking.. this game is pretty cool though i like it
It's Okay. I guess we're all to excited that we forget things or something XD

Quote originally posted by tonti:
This looks great, I really hope that you continue. I seem to have a problem with patching though, as I either get a white screen upon startup, or I get a working game with very glitched up graphics. Is the rom you made the ips off of expanded? I think my problem is that I forgot to expand.
The ROM is not expanded and is a clean ROM, I use Lips IPS patcher.

Quote originally posted by AztecFire:
You do realize that with the walk through walls code, you can make it all the way to Ilex Forest, don't you?
Yeah, thanks for letting me know. I'll have to come up with a hack in the future versions to prevent that. But, now it seems that my Alpha becomes a Beta to people who use cheats