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Originally Posted by HaloSonic View Post
curious, but when are you able to get the other straters in the game? it feels wierd to play GSC without a typhlosion.
After you reach Cinnabar (after indigo plateau) you can surf west and find them there at lv5.
Also by searching a lot you might find superb starters there too

And most of the attack changes for example are made because I think they fit better in the game that way.
Waterfall can be gotten in the beginning so it has to be weakened.
Also I just got in my mind that Cut should be super-effective to Grass-pokemon so I changed it to flying move. Only stupid thing about that is that it works well to Fighting-pokemon as well but I think that's not too bad.

Also it makes sense that Falkner uses fire-types because the gym is filled with walking and lava-tiles (although he talks about bird-pokemon anyway xD)

I uploaded v. 1.01 now
-Fixed the trainer bug above Olivine
-Route 43 is edited so that getting to Red Gyarados won't be so tricky

Also I'll start making the walkthrough now

However Red Gyarados reappearing -bug isn't fixed
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