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Quote originally posted by Team Fail:
Where do I place the offset to activate the Pokemon Menu option?
Add-on- NarutoActor, the offset is 0x828, for your information.
#org $start
checkflag 0x200
if b_true goto $done
message $1
boxset 5
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if b_true goto $take
message $2
boxset 6

#org $take
givepokemon 155 5 139
fanfare 0x13E
message $3
boxset 4
#raw 0x68
setflag 0x200
message $4
boxset 5
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if b_true gosub $name
message $5
boxset 6

#org $name
call 0x1A74EB

#org $done
message $6
boxset 6

#org $1
$1 1 =You need Pokémon to go to Slowpoke\nWell. You want one?

#org $2
$2 1 =You'll be back! I'm certain of it!

#org $3
$3 1 =\c\h01\h02You received a CYNDAQUIL!

#org $4
$4 1 =\c\h01\h02Would you like to give a nickname to\nCYNDAQUIL?

#org $5
$5 1 =You made the right choice.

#org $6
$6 1 =Take good care of that CYNDAQUIL.\nYou hear me?

I have no clue where it goes. Thanks in advance.

Basically anywhere before the givepokemon, though it's usually one line before it.

EDIT ======================>

Okay my headbutt tree script isnt working. Everything works, but there is no Pokemon battle, even if I set the encounter rate to 100% halpz?

#dynamic 0x800000

#org @begin checkattack 0x1D compare 0x800D 0x6 if 0x1 goto @[couldbeheadbutted] setanimation 0x0 0x800D bufferpartypokemon 0x00 0x800D bufferattack 0x1 0x1D msgbox @[question] 0x5 compare 0x800D 0x0 if 0x1 goto @end msgbox @[usedheadbutt] 0x6 closeonkeypress doanimation 0x25 waitstate goto @[pointertocontinuefrom]

#org @[couldbeheadbutted] msgbox @[headbutttree] 0x6 release end

#org @[question] = A Pokémon could be hiding in this\ntree.\pShould [buffer1] use [buffer2]?

#org @end release end

#org @[usedheadbutt] = [buffer1] used [buffer2].

#org @[headbutttree] = This tree could be headbutted.

#org @[pointertocontinuefrom] applymovement 0x800F @[pointer] waitmovement 0 special 0xAB releaseall end

#org @[pointer] #raw 0x0 0xFE

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