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Quote originally posted by Xiber:
The same stuff like in the original Crystal, using an Escape Rope (or was it Flash? Meh.) at the place where the scientist is standing.
This opens a hole, go through a little bit, end up at another hole, fall through -> You are now there.

I sure hope I didn't describe it too confusing.
Also, I found another graphic bug at the Lighthouse.
See Attachment.

Otherwise, great game.
Oh okay...
I didn't design it so that unown's place could be entered but I just move the outer-warp point somewhere else so that you won't get stuck.

That's not a bug but just a joke

Well that unown-glitch thingy has been fixed now too and patch file 1.03 uploaded...
Hope there aren't many other bugs like that which I don't know about
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