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This is the grass type gym

1. Aroma Lady Laura Lv. 3 Grassil Poison Sting Lv. 4 Grassil Poison Sting, Absorb

2. Youngster Austin Lv. 5 Pigletty Tackle, Leer

3. Gym Leader Greg Lv. 6 Grassil Poison Sting, Absorb, Bullet Seed Lv. 7 Pigletty Tackle, Leer, Bullet Seed, Mud Slap

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This is Route 3. The grass gym leader's wife lives here. She is famous for keeping the whole route floral and pretty.

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This is tarmac city, the rock gym place.

If you go into the green house a man will give you the shell bell or leftovers depending on your starter.
Water= Shell Bell
Grass= Leftovers
Fire= Shell Bell

The building in the middle of the 3 touching buildings has a little girl that teachers any normal type pokemon the move hyper fang.

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And finally this is the gym!

1. CAMPER TONY Lv. 8 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch, Screech
2. TWINS TOM Lv. 8 Solarrock Morning Sun, Confusion AND TIM Lv. 8 Lunarrock Moonlight, Confusion

3. HIKER FRANCIS Lv. 7 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch Lv. 7 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch
4. Person that quotes: "Sorry I can't battle you. A boy with blue hair (rival) just beat me! I haven't had time to go to the pokecentre yet!"
5. GYM LEADER ROXY Lv. 9 Shelrock Rock Throw, Scratch, Rock Tomb, Rock Smash Lv. 10 Stonesnake Bind, Rock Throw, Wrap, Rock Tomb
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