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Quote originally posted by UmbreonGod:
I need help pleeeease! Everytime I open it up in Visual Boy Advance, it freezes in the opening movie after it says Gamefreak. Please help!
It doesn't freeze. Keep playing...
You need to download VBA 1.8.0

Quote originally posted by hippoownyou:
I really want to try this game but whenever i patch the ips onto a fresh and clean file of ruby rom, the screen always turns white. I've tried changing the settings to flash 128K and nope. It doesn't work. Niether does 64K work. and I'm unable to gain access to the site to download the original base rom he used. this also happens with pokemon light platinum, does anyone know how to solve this?
Try to download another ROM. Google is your friend. Try to download from every site it found.

My question:
What must I do after the second dream then I wake up at night?