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Originally Posted by Pink Parka Girl View Post
I do now, Ash XD I apologize for my rather lengthy absence - I was sick with a respiratory infection and too tired and stuffy and miserable to do much of anything ' But progress should move along at a better pace now that I'm...well...better (And to quickly answer the question that was brought up in my absence - "Mjolnir" is a legitimate alternate spelling for "Mjöllnir", aka Thor's Hammer. "Mjolnir" may not be strictly correct in terms of Norse Mythology, but it's correct for the Raichu character in the game ).

Anyway, what little I've done on the game amid my illness are all graphical and sound based edits. I took the advice I was given early in the thread and added in HGSS grass:

I'm not totally happy with it though - do you have any suggestions?

Also, I did a lot of experimenting with music insertion, looping, and DirectSound instruments, even if I don't have too much to show for it at the moment - only one "new" song is in the game so far, the Pokemon Stadium remix of the Johto Trainer theme =P I put up a new Youtube video to demonstrate the song in action, and included a short clip at the end showing Pirca the pichu running through the new grass.
(If someone tells me how to embed, I'll love you forever XD )

I was also thinking about changing and improving the maps; however, I feel that the new version of the "starter town" map I've been working on really isn't all that different from the old, and has all its flaws. Keep in mind of course that this is an incomplete map loaded with placeholder tiles; I am uploading it in this state for advice. Should I continue and finish what I have here (the bushes will be turned into trees, flowers, and other objects; and the trees will NOT look like that on the final map XD ), or should I scrap it because it ultimately isn't an improvement? What can I do to improve it while it's still in the works? I've read the mapping tutorials and I've looked at the work of those with real talent in the area, but I just feel like such a failure when it comes to appealing maps Any help you want to offer, I would really appreciate ^__^

Well, I can see many tile errors with the small trees like you said, but it looks okay If you do add more flowers and trees in place of the bushes...and is an good map...