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Quote originally posted by Thrace:
You might find Life of Guardians more fun to play than Azure Horizons but surely you can recognize that Azure Horizons is the more polished hack? Yes, Life of Guardians is better than Azure Horizons in a few areas but Azure Horizons excels across the board. I feel that the judging very accurately reflects that.

If anyone is interested I've uploaded my judging document.
I've tried to word this a couple times but every time I can't seem to get my point across. I agree that Azure Horizons is a very well presented hack, almost anyone will tell you that. I'm more irritated at the judging panel itself. It doesn't take a genius to see that every single member is/was on the staff here at PC. Seeing how in order to become a member of the staff here at PC you need to fit into the "moderator mold", it seems that the judges weren't as... diverse as I would have hoped. This is evident in, as I mentioned earlier, the types of hacks that all the judges are developing. Let me stress that I'm not saying the judging wasn't impartial. Looking over your judging document I can see that you all (well, at least you) have put a lot of effort into rating the nominees. I just think it would be nice to have a few of the judges be from other backgrounds, like a common member, somebody who prefers natural maps to playable maps, etc.

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