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Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
And it is a prequel to the second idea.
Can I see it? :P

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
Now, if this were to happen, then life itself would die off, but most of the team never thinks of that fact, due to their ignorance and stupidity. The leader knows this all too well, and still goes after it.
Cyrus reborn?

I'm sensing an alterior motive at this point :P

Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
These dangerous criminals also threaten the peace, and they often war with Team Enel. Their goal? To do what they want.
Quote originally posted by Zeta Dimentio:
The reason for their alliance is so that they wouldn't get overpowered by the police.
If their only reason to band together is to protect themselves from the police (Which is obviously a smart thing to do), why would they 'war' with Team Enel? Money? Material? Influence? Revenge? They would be wasting their own time and resources fighting an enemy that isn't activly hunting them down like the police - My alterior motive sense is tingling.

Anyway, there is very little to criticise here, so kudos to you. You've obviously though hard about it and this is definately a firm basis. Keep at it, and I hope this translates into a wonderful game.

Quote originally posted by Aeon:
Does anyone like the idea of a hack based off the old chateau
Can you elaborate on any ideas you have in relation to this?