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Well, my main hacking adviser, Christos, told me to play this game because it looked promising, so I did and I have to say that I really like it. Mainly because it's something different, and has a good sense of humour. I miss some tile changes (the lighthouse could have some improvements), but I can't really say it's too necessary.

At first, I was scared I would need the cake to progress (and I was going to complain about a lack of money sources to beat all the money-drinking sidequests), but since they aren't, I'll just shut up and say that it just adds to the entertainment, you don't see many sidquests in games right at the beggining.

The scripts, well, they are really well made, so chapeau there.

About the starters, the stat boost makes them grow somewhat faster than usual, so it's really great for lazy bums like myself XD I also like the high amount of pokemon available out there, I already caught 17 by Silvertone.

I have seen some glitches, though: the borders of the text box in the lighthouse elevator stay during the animation, and in the entrance to Battle Road there are characters popping out of nowhere (Brandon and the guy next to the stairs inside- screenshots 1 2 3 4); plus some grammar issues (not leaving a space after dotting, or this).

But, for now, I really like the idea of the hack. Good job, and please keep working on this, it has a good potential.
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