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Originally Posted by KingCyndaquil View Post
thats cool. i cant wait for a beta! also can i be a beta tester *IF AVAILABLE* i did beta testing with hacks but it wont be much differnt
I actually am restarting the game over so the beta won't be out for a couple of months probably.

Originally Posted by Lén View Post
Wow great work !!!!

I love the graphics :D
Originally Posted by countryemo View Post
this seems great, cant wait to play
seems like you worked hard, good luck with it
Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

Originally Posted by davidthefat View Post
I got an idea, a team rocket owned "ranch" which is illegal without a license, its filled with poached pokemon, they are stronger than usual and more pricey but they also have a chance of disobeying...
Hmm, not a bad idea. Maybe, I will put it in Celadon City! Thanks for the help!

So, I have good news...and NO bad news

I just bought my laptop today, and Pokemon Essentials runs great! Now, it actually loads. So, be expecting some new updates, features, and hopefully some new tiles from Alucus!
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