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Ah yes, the pain in the rear that many a yellow remake has encountered.
The follow me script.
First made popular in Pokemon Yellow Version, We were able to have our starter pokemon, a happy little pikachu follow us around Kanto, getting into all sorts of shenanigans.
And now, returning on the Nintendo DS, for Pokemon Heart Gold, and Soul Silver versions, the following starter pokemon is back.
Many people, including myself have tried to recreate this, but to no avail.
Many people insist on trying to use scripts to do this, but surely setting a script on each tile of every map would be a real pain, no doubt.
I've even gone so far as to creating an elaborate script, that can detect many things, such as;
  • The last direction a player moved, be it up, down, left, or right
  • What direction to move the sprite
  • The script could tell if a player jumped off of a cliff or not (To prevent the sprite from stepping onto the cliff itself, and de-syncing with the player)
  • If the player clicked on the sprite, it would respond, as pikachu was able to.

Unfortunately, I was only able to manage the sprite to follow me around on one map at a time, unable to transfer from map to map.
Also, it would cause my player to stop movement, to allow the sprite to move into the new position, then I could move again, causing me to take at least twice as long to walk from point A to point B.

My idea-
Now, I'm no expert when it comes to ASM, no, a lack of help and... motivation so to speak... (My computer is a pain, I can't do much on it, let alone run a GBA emulator, my PSP does that...)
ANYWAYS, My idea would be to hack the routine that detects when you press a directional button, to move not only the player, but a second sprite.

It would need to be a routine that remembers the last button pressed, compare it to the currently pressed button, and execute an action.

Another problem that I came across, would be going from map to map... the creator of this routine would need to find a way to load the following sprite up, and have it remain behind the player, even after walking from one map to another.

It would also be a problem to have the player walk into a dead-end hallway, and be trapped by the following sprite, so that would also be something that a solution would be needed... (Maybe a way to check the last direction pressed... If last Direction was left, and new direction is right, have the sprites walk over each other... Or even have the other sprite intangible, like a Virtual Sprite. (Much like the XSE command "createsprite"))

I'd be glad to help in any way, but ASM is pretty much out of the question as of now, since I don't really have the resources to practice it. (I can learn, just can't put it into action on this PC, lol)

Any Ideas, and thoughts would be not only appreciated, but encouraged.
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