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This story was for an hack of mine, Pokémon Heavens. I started this game on my Chirstmas. I dont work on it however. With Dr. Fuji's tips I edited it a lot to make a great story.

Story for: Pokémon Heavens
The main character of the story lives in Cloud Town. The player has accomplished 10 years and can depart on it's Pokémon journey. However, its parents does not allow it to go on its journey, and tells the player to stay home. One day, the player's aunt, Britney, visits the family. The player tells its aunt his problem, and its aunt have a chat with the family, the player's family decides that he can go on its journey. The trainer then goes get its starter. The Pokémons that are avaible for him/her are: Piplup, Bulbasaur and Torchic. Then he/she goes on his/her journey to find rare Pokémon. In this game, the objective of the trainer is not to build a Pokémon encyclopedia with the PokéDex, but to win the league of the Aurore(the region that the trainer starts its journey) and become the Champion. In this game, the PokéDex is used to help the trainer to find the Pokémons and identify its information. But, just like a Pokémon classic, the PokéDex can be filled only if you catch Pokémon. In this game, only 5 Pokémons can have its information on the PokéDex, making it somewhat fun. That's the story.

Did you all liked it?