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Originally Posted by mangaroll View Post
Dude the spoiler in Downloads got my hopes up, I was like, "WHAT? A BETA?" Then I open the spoiler and my hopes are crushed.

But this does seem like a good game! And I think you should put the Orre or Johto region in, but Orre would be more original, and would add more supporters and to the game if you add more to the region.
Maybe because Johto fits in with Kanto?

Originally Posted by BR25 View Post
well there would be many reasons for Jhoto and orre like i have a reason for both of them
Johto: It might be becouse its there faviored region (like me i love jhoto)
Orre: Its only been seen in 3D it would look very good i DS or GBA style BUT how would you move around the map now? lots of new routes? train? bus?

This game is a really great idea
I would add the scooter thingy.

Originally Posted by Maxim View Post
Why have so many people voted for Johto? It's the most overused region in fangames and hacks. Why not vote Orre? I'd totally would love to see Orre in GBA/DS style. That would be something really fresh and not obvious (like Johto).
Haha sorry. And if I get johto/Orre done, maybe I will add another region, then another, until I have all of the regions :D

So, some of you may know, the bug has arrived AGAIN! I am sending the video to Wichu to see if he can fix it. Hopefully he can. If not, then ANOTHER REVAMP :D Yeah not really T^T
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