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Originally Posted by Co500 View Post
What about if someone find the script or asm or evel script in yellow and translate it to the newer GBA generation?
You can not do that, nuff said.

Well, his script is... interesting at best, at least in this context.
I've had a script written out that was quite long indeed, it worked almost exactly like this, only I hadn't thought to use the movesprite command.

The problem is, you have to take into account other sprites on the map, small cliffs the player can jump off of, and things like that.
And no doubt we want to be able to supply this to hackers NOT using JPAN's Hacked Engine.

(Very possible, as we can just as easily check what button the player is pressing by comparing to a number found in a certain area of the RAM. (I knew what it was, but my memory has gotten a bit rusty, haven't gotten so fired up about hacking in a long time. (That is why I am going to post, and contribute a lot to PC's R&D department, lol)))

Anywho, I like Zodiac's idea a lot, and I like interdpth's too... problem is, actually hacking the routine's needed.
I wish I could help with that, WHEN ARE YOU GUYS RELEASING ANOTHER ASM TUT?!?! lol

So, are we going to take interdpth's route? If so, I'll get writing... I've made the script once before, no harm in writing it again...
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