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with respect for frostibite.. (that personally I don't know), I don't believe that Azure Horizons deserve to be the HOTY.

I, have personally been one of the competitors for the HOTY, with my hack pokemon crono, and, also if I have not arrived in final, I've approved very gladly the decision of the public.
But I'm a lot in disagreement with the decisions of the judges...
yes...each has a style that prefers, but it seems me very strange, and also incorrect, that the judges have been All (except Christos, for only one vote >.<) of accord to put Hazure horizons as HOTY.

I believe that the system of vote is wrong.
I believe that the vote is only and exclusively to the public (among which the moderators reenter, also, but as publish).

I don't want to discredit the job of frostbite, but the results of the first round speak...
the public prefers Light Platinum.

Quote originally posted by Anthony La:
Some of the posts seem to be under the presumption that popular = better.
often the 2 things are connected each other.

I still make the compliments to frostibite to have won...
but I don't consider azure horizons as HOTY because it hasn't been chosen from the public...sorry.