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Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
So, what did you see? I'm interested.
Well some areas past the beta man were finished, but there were no warps and all the people had the same dialogue as the people in Slateport City, including the seashore house. There was a bridge that lead to nowhere and trainers were in the water.

Originally Posted by Lati-Fan95 View Post
First of all... It was just as amazing as I thought it would! Truely great work, Dante and team! One of the best stories I know, amazing grphics and awesome region! And when I saw the name "Altomare" on the worldmap, I knew you´d be awesome cuz you´ll give my favpokemon a part in the hack (Altomare = town from Pokemon Heroes, Latias and Latios live there)!

I also wanna ask whether the beta ends after you received the S.S. Ticket from the academy?

And some bugs (I guess one or two were already posted but I´m not soo sure ´bout that):

-Worldmap is glitchy (known, I guess!)
-After you do anything on the Pokenav and go back to the Pokenav Menu, it´ll look glitchy
-If you go to the Draken Ville through Greenwoods and take the warp to Drakenville, the screen´ll turn black after you entered it.
-I somehow managed (without cheats!) to get in the room these guys from the academy blocked!
-If you talk to Salamence´s head, it´ll battle you as a witch with a Sableye Lv.30 something (got owned from it... ;_! xD
Same. I was stuck outside the room, then I pressed up and I entered it.