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Alright, so um UPDATE TIME!

Part I - What's been going on

Ok, so much to do.
First, I need to edit the first post
So lately, I have been talking with Novus/English Kiwi (Don't know if he changed it) and we have come up with some Great ideas. (I started them, and he IMPROVED THEM A LOT)
So...I shall tell you them.

Part II - Treasures/Treasure Hunters

Scattered throughout the entire Kanto Region + Whatever region you guys choose, there are hidden treasures. You will have to search EVERYWHERE to find these treasures. There will be 30 of them. (So far that's what's planned) So, what do these treasures do? They unlock secret...things :D
Here they are:
8 - Secret Areas
10 - Secret Pokemon
10 - Secret Items
2 - Legendaries

But, there is this "Squad" called the Vantik Squad. (Name may change)
They are basically like Team Rocket, except they try to steal the treasures YOU find!
More info to come :D
Part III - Shakeable Trees

These trees are replaced by cuttable trees in certain areas.
By shaking these trees, you are able to get certain items. It's a 2 out of 5 chance. So, a 40% chance of getting an item.

Remember, these trees are shakeable ONCE A DAY!

Part IV - Bank System

I was talking to Novus, and he helped me come up with a bank system. Plus, I was already using it from a previous project.

So, with the bank system, you can:

Check how much money you have in the bank.
Deposit Money
Withdraw Money

The system is really simple, I will just need to add some new features.

That's it! Make sure to vote on the poll, post, and visit the website.
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