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Crystal and Also Ruby Version

Flareon Lvl 55 (Orginal Eevee: Female-->Me Lucky as hell got her on first try ;P)
Jolteon Lvl 55 (Bred orginal Eevee with Ditto: turned out male)
Vaporeon Lvl 55 (same as Jolt: Turned out Female)
Umbreon Lvl 58 (Same as Jolt: Male)
Espeon Lvl 58 (Same as Jolt: Female)

^ All same for both games (even genders...tho I had to do alot of resets on

6th Poke in Crystal: Dragonite Lvl 62 (Female)
6th Poke in Ruby: Blazakin Lvl 60 (Male)

On my Silver, I loved Lance's Team...except mine were all lvl 100 all three Dragonites xD trained, not rare candied either XP
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