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Quote originally posted by 558122_DG:
Well, this hack seems to be progrressing real quick :)
I believe it was made the aroung the end of november, it's amazing how fast you were able to progress, although it's probably all experience :)

Good luck :)
Mhm, I've actually been working on this for nearly a year. :(

Quote originally posted by miksy91:
This hack looks pretty cool :)
I might try it out when you release a beta.

Quote originally posted by Eeveon:
Lengthy betas are a lot more fun, in my opinion. I feel like two gyms and one more event would be okay for me. Because, I just want a small experience of what this hack will be like, then go for the final beta after beta one.

Anyway, good luck~
Mhm, yeah. I feel the same.

Quote originally posted by Sarcastic Prince:
Awesome! This extraordinary Hack finally went into Hacks Showcase!

The screens are awesome too!

But who is that person in the screen I quoted?
Thanks, and it's myself.

Quote originally posted by 558122_DG:
well using common sense it's prolly a gym leader :)

Quote originally posted by NiKaNoRoU:
He's the main rival, Max is not the only rival in this game, and it's what makes it interesting.

P.S: I made his OWs (except for the first frame)

Quote originally posted by etcoman:
Looks like fun! :D I will happily try out this ROM as soon as I can :classic:

Quote originally posted by exenavi:
really looking forward to play this hack!
always love the original character's sprite and maps..
wish u all the best for this hack..

btw, i'd like to ask a question. are all starters from total 3 generation (except Johto) available to get?
Um, maybe. I add them as I add them. Beta 1 contains Chikorita and Treecko in the wild.

Quote originally posted by The Master:
Well, @above, I know that Treecko is in it, so I presume Mudkip and Torchic are too. As for Kanto, no idea.

Harry: Change team and credit thang with new name kthnxbai
No, go away.

Quote originally posted by Jesse[TB Pro]:
Fien. Sienna suckz neways. Lolol your ow looks smexy. You better not be an ass like Max.
no u

Quote originally posted by Chibi Robo:
Im pretty sure harry is worse then me in sienna :3
Also were taking a short break on sienna for a while might not see updates for 2 or 3 days.
I'm better actually. <3

ANYWAY, I've compiled a beta 1 check-list:

Fully mapped
All NPC's scripted
All minor events scripted
Two gyms done
All trainers scripted
All Pokémon stats done
Nearly all sprites

And a to-do list:

I think, two events.
Some graphical work.
Maybe some more sprites.

Don't quote me on this, but I MIGHT, might, be done today.