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Sorry it took so long to reply, but I was a little busy with school, and other things that I didn't notice this.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Can I see it?
Sure, here's the post.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Cyrus reborn?

I'm sensing an alterior motive at this point
I'm not saying anything about this right now.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
If their only reason to band together is to protect themselves from the police (Which is obviously a smart thing to do), why would they 'war' with Team Enel? Money? Material? Influence? Revenge? They would be wasting their own time and resources fighting an enemy that isn't activly hunting them down like the police - My alterior motive sense is tingling.
They 'war' with Team Enel because they also threaten them, due to them doing the same things they are trying to do, but are more successful. Simply business.

Quote originally posted by DrFuji:
Anyway, there is very little to criticise here, so kudos to you. You've obviously though hard about it and this is definately a firm basis. Keep at it, and I hope this translates into a wonderful game.
Thanks, it'll take a while before I have anything ready to present, but that's due to my own learning on how to script, not to mention the tremendous mapping that I'll have to do, and I'd like to at least have everything mapped out before posting anything.