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Quote originally posted by abyssthesavior:
sorry i cursed like that...i did however look up a possible vba for psp on google...good news: there is one(well....2 that are completely different really...) bad news: the most recent one i found was most recently updated in 2005 :/
Well, did it work?

Quote originally posted by THWILMORE:
This looks great and I can't wait to try it out! Unfortunately I'm having the white screen problem even after changing the save type to 128k. I also tried the link you posted at the top of the thread to your Pokehacking site looking for the rom base, but IE cannot pull up the site. Do you have any other ideas how I can get the game up and running? Thanks so much!
I know that most people knows how to change the Save Type, but did you reset after changing the Save Type?

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