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Originally Posted by JPAN View Post
I have sucessfully managed to execute a script through an item. But it is still quite buggy. First, I bring you what matters most, the code:
/*this routine loads a fixed script and runs it*/
New_item_start:  push {r4,lr}
                        ldr r0, script
                        bl script_executer
                        ldr R1, Script_flag_set
                        mov R0, #0x1
                        strb R0, [R1]
                        bl bag_exiter
                        pop {r4,pc}
script: .word 0x08801000 /*the script to execute after leaving the bag*/
Script_flag_set: .word 0x03000f9c
script_executer:  ldr r1, exe_addr
                        bx r1
exe_addr: .word 0x08069AE5
bag_exiter:  ldr r1, exit_code
                 bx r1
exit_code: .word 0x080a103d
(ps: this code does not delete the item used.)
Well,I'm not sure,but what I saw of the mach bike,is running the 0x080a103d before it works in the map.
I don't have my own computer for now,so I can't research deeper,sorry...
Hope this helps...
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