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Right, played a little of it Harry. 2 things.

1. The Hero OW looks kinda weird when moving up, as his head doesn't move, but his body does... Not really major, but I am picky about this.

2. Part of the Snorunt sprite's teeth are see through, due to indexing. Again, not too huge, but noticable. I have a pic of it I will show you if you need it, but it is self explanotary.

The rest looks good, and... Well, just goin to say, about that Sand path that turns into a city path thing from the starter town into the route, it looks kinda ugly. But really, good work, and I hope to see more. I began with doubts about this, I still have a few, but carry it on like this, and they will all probably go.

EDIT: Also, when exiting the Starter Town after losing a battle, a yes/no box appears. Just worth mentioning.

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