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Quote originally posted by NiKaNoRoU:
I forgot to actually do that lol...and i keep forgetting to do that. No big deal though, Harry can fix it himself.

And my LIPS is being gay, it won't let me patch Sienna :(

I'll send you a ROM or something on msn.

Quote originally posted by Chibi Robo:
It's the same thing with maril. Apparently that 1 color has become completely transparent. Harry can probably fix it but I know he wont. It's nothing major, deal with it.

The hair would be too big If I actually gave it that lil' flip. This is pixel art you cant give a small sprite small details without somehow enlarging it.
Thanks though~
I will fix it :( I'm going to release a bug fix beta soon.

Quote originally posted by Ven:
I'm Pretty sure it's supposed to be like that.

Anyways, I really like the mapping in this game, It has a great mix of nintendo and natural style mapping.
A couple things though, I the outline on the purple flower might need a darker outline, it's a bit dull.
Also, I think the hair on the side view of the hero sprite, needs to be somehow flipped up, to look more like the front view of it, or maybe if you made it longer... Meh.
Anyways, I wish you luck~
Thanks. :) I actually change the flower palette like 290 times before the beta, and I'm not joking.

Quote originally posted by DreadWaffle:
on the beta

some tile errors (i don't know if you wanted that though)

and the old man before he fights has glitchy text
the snorunt's teeth near the top are transparent

hope it helps
That's not a tile error. And that's been reported before. :(

Quote originally posted by Deviation:

Glad to be of little help to you Harry. If I find any more, I'll report them. But I doubt I will find some.