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Quote originally posted by Spinksy:
Erm, when I'm playing Raptor, I have a really bland text.

When I started It told me to install 'pokemon text'.

Any help?
Quote originally posted by jdbean5:
how to play this game? I also have the same problem as the dude above, Spinksy. it says i need some .zip file to copy to my fonts in control panel, but when i extracted my files, there was no .zip file with fonts. just "game", "Pokemon Raptor", "RGSS102E.dll". is there a link someone can give me? or do i need that font to play? also, is there a way to have more than one save file (so two or more people can play w/o using the same saved game)?
Unfortunately, the font files were accidentally left out of the release. They can either be downloaded in the Pokémon starter kit, or you can just ignore it (the game can still be played, but it will look a bit weird).

The game only loads a save file named "Game.rxdata". Therefore, by renaming or moving this file when necessary, you can effectively have multiple save files.
Quote originally posted by Fr0ZeN-LIgeR:
umm can someone tell me y every time my venonat tries to evolve the game stuffs up
I believe this problem was fixed in version 1.1. Are you sure you downloaded the correct version?
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