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I guess I need to prove that I, as well as this rom hack, are not dead.

This is Professor Larch's intro sprite:

This is the male hero, Aster. There will be a female hero (Rose), although this character will not be available in the first alpha release.

This is the intro sprite for the rival, Allen:

Currently I'm working on all of the scripts necessary for the beginning of the game; right now I'm creating the level script for Larch taking you into his lab. I've created the scripts for choosing a starter Pokemon--of which are the 9 starters from previous games.

The other day I was looking at Zel's Shiny Gold (which I assume is the quality I should be aiming for since that game receives so much praise), and I thought to myself, "If I just created new trees and made the water and grass a different shade of blue/green, clearly people will like the game more!" So I may edit the trees, grass, and water in the future!
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