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From memory...

Gengar (Material♂, Lv 43)
Charizard (Gaw♂, Lv. 43)
Pikachu (Mail♀, Lv. 44)
Blastoise (Glug♂, Lv. 43)
Venusaur (Vine♂, Lv. 44)
Arcanine (Tatto♂, Lv 34)

Raichu (Lightning, Lv. 32)
Beedrill (Driller, Lv. 31)
Weepinbell (Belltrap, Lv. 31)
Charmeleon (Charcoal, Lv. 32)
Vaporeon (Atlantis, Lv. 32)
Haunter (Taunter, Lv. 32)

Dratini (Chlorus, Lv. 38)
Haunter (Taunter, Lv. 38)
Scyther (Regnorik, Lv. 40)
Sudowoodo (Yoral, Lv. 40)
Lapras (Loch, Lv. 29)
Ho-oh (Ysese, Lv. 40)

NOOOO it can no longer save data AUGH! ;;

Do you see a possible pattern here...?

-Taunter the Haunter
-(ゴースト Ghost)
-Team Wilhelm "Leader"
-Gas Pokémon
-5'03" & 0.2 lbs
-Lvl. 65
-And he talks?!
-"Hau hau! Why yes, your soul looks very delicious..."
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