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Of all the roads I have to walk the winding (I love this :D Metaphors YAY)

Name: Myrddin (Pronounced Merthin) Lenore

Arena Name: The Silver Swan

Age: 17

Gender: Femme

History: Myrddin was born and raised in Celestic Town, nestled deep in the mountains. She’s definitely a child of the snow, she used to always make snowpeople and snowpokemon and snoweverythings. She was the darling of the town, with her blue eyes, freckles and puffy little cheeks. She grew up a sheltered life with everyone looking out for her, but her time had to come to go off on her journey, and so she did. At the age of 14 the girl got her way and finally received her first Pokémon, a Hippopotas.
Even going on her Pokémon Journey Myrddin wasn’t alone. She travelled with her childhood friend Sven who pretty much took care of her and her incapability to take care of herself. Everything went really well, she found a passion for contests, although she still loved to battle. Contests just seemed to satisfy both Myrddin’s girly side as her competitive side.

Myrddin started in Sinnoh, challenging the gyms and all that jazz while trying to get as much contest experience as she could. Eventually, she had to face the fact that Sinnoh’s contests were very limited she begged and annoying Sven to take her to Johto instead. Sven gave in and the next year she spent in Kanto, challenging the contests while Sven went to the gyms. She was really good at it, and earned a bit of a reputation. She caught two of her Pokémon in Kanto, and her team grew much closer in the months that she spent practicing over and over again for the grand competitions.
She just loved the beauty of it, different from the brutality of battles. Not that she didn’t like battles, Myrddin pretty much liked anything where she could prove herself.

Personality: Myrddin is overall a very sheltered child, she never really learned to take proper care of herself and constantly relies on others. Myrddin is overall very childish still. She gets annoyed easily and is rather selfish when it comes to it. She might easily judge or get very biased about things. Overall, however, she’s a nice person, and likes to get people to smile. She’s real sweet and often does random things just to see someone laugh, she’ll try to cheer you up when you’re down. Myrddin is very emotion, and I mean very emotional. She’ll cry with pressure, even though she’d try to keep herself strong, or she’d completely light up with the smallest acts of kindness. She’s very instinctive and doesn’t use logic that much, she’s bright but doesn’t often use her brain, making it seem like she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

She does panic easily. She gets panic attacks when she’s left alone, or when there’s too much sound coming from everywhere. She panics when things get out of hand or when she doesn’t know what is going on. Panic attacks include rapid heart rate, followed by high bloodpressure, rapid breathing and tunnel vision. She could pass out but that only happens when something really traumatic has happened. The panic attacks are something she’s always had, but the fact that she’s always depended on people does have its effect.

Appearance: Myrddin is small. Small in every which way possible. She’s incredibly skinny, has no chest whatsoever, and neither does she have a lot of height. This, paired with her almost angelic look, make her seem like a perfect little girl, and definitely 3 years younger than she is.
Her face is a bit on the round side, with very light blue eyes and fair skin. She has a button nose with high cheekbones and light freckles under her eyes and long lashes surrounding these windows to her soul.
Her hair is a very light blonde naturally. It is just above shoulder-length and very curly. She usually uses clips and ribbons to keep it in check. She has long bangs framing her face that are just a little shorter than the rest of her hair.

Myrddin likes girly clothing, it suits her. She usually wears a knee-length white coat with three buttons at the very top and white woolen tights underneath that. Underneath the coat would be a light denim skirt with almost frilly ends and a bright red top that slides off of her shoulders with full-length sleeves. If the weather is nice she’d wear a very light green top with puffy sleeves instead. As for shoes she wears beige boots with off-white trims of fake-fur. Since she comes from a colder region she wears clothing suited for that weather, but she does take a lighter clothing with her. As for footwear, she also has a pair of red flats that she wears when the boots are making her feet quite warm. To carry all of her stuff in Myrddin has a beige messenger bag with bright pockets sown from mismatching fabrics.


Hippopotas - Atlas - Male
Set: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, Superpower
Atlas was Myddin's first Pokemon and the two have a very tight bond. Atlas tends to act a bit like a baby and most of the time Myrddin carries him around. Really, he's not as heavy as he looks. Atlas and Myrddin are very similar in the way that both of them have been taken care of for all of their life, though Myrddin is the one that babies Atlas. the Hippopotas has a huge appetite and is almost always hungry or sleeping. In battle Atlas isn't as helpful anymore. Atlas might not be fully evolved, and will probably never be fully evolved, but the small hippopotamus is to be reckoned with. Armed with Superpower and Earhtquake, Atlas will deliver quite a punch, and Stealth Rock is a common trick to be used for big battles. Atlas is her battle Pokemon, the little thing is terrible in contests for there is little grace to the ground Pokemon, and he was trained as such. Hippo gets along with every Pokemon on Myrddin's team, mainly because Rotom's taunts get ignored and the rest just kind of let him be.

Rotom - Genderless
Set: Discharge, Dark Pulse, Ominous Wind, Charge

Fan Rotom
Set: Air Slash, Discharge, Ominous Wind, Charge

Rotom is definitely the trouble-maker of the team. He (For Myrddin hates calling Rotom an 'it' so she decided that he would be a 'he') is very playful and his view of fun is often not appreciated by others. Rotom is full of energy that never burns out, he's the fastest little thing, zipping around all the time. One of the reasons he's not a dead ghost yet, for his stunts would have already gotten him pulverized. you'd think that Rotom wouldn't be too popular with the others of the team, but Rotom has a very sweet side too. On a normal day he'd be the nicest thing, still zipping around but not bothering anyone. But then other days he has energy-overdrive and that's when you don't want to have him around you. And we haven't even started talking about his temper, Rotom has quite the temper... Rotom is one of Myrddin's contest Pokemon, the drama queen that he is, though his battle skills are far from limited.

Myrddin got Rotom from her uncle, who is part of a research team. They were researching Rotom's energy and ability to posses other objects and had several Rotom working for them. this one was too much of a trouble-maker however and her uncle suggested they'd give the creature to Myrddin, and so she received a Rotom. This particular Rotom is only capable of possessing one kind of electric object, which is an electric fan, and therefore he had little value to the research team anyway. Myrddin carries a small electric fan with her at all time which Rotom can posses and fight as.

Espeon - Europa - Female
Set: Psychic, Calm Mind, Morning Sun, Hyper Beam

Europa is the second strongest battler and a very determined creature. She'd dangerous to underestimate and a very creative thing but most of all, she has ambition. Battles is what Europa lives for, she loves them and is known for terrifying combinations of moves. Europa can use her Psychic attack for near everything, from lifting the opponent in the air to turning their own attacks against them. She loves the show of power, loves the thrill of the battle.
Out of battle Europa is more calm. She's a very reserved creature and doesn't usually socialize with the rest of the team. Ironically, she loves Rotom, and is the only one that can keep him in check when he's in one of 'those' moods. She often uses her psychic powers to hold him in place until the energy leaves him. The only one Europa really cannot stand is Phobos, she hates him because he got traded for one the one she liked best. Apart from with Phobos, Europa is excellent in double battles as well as single ones and she's often the one that serves as an aid in the battle as well as a shield. Europa is Myrddin's most versatile Pokemon, she's good with any kind of battle.

Myrddin got Europa when she was just a little Eevee, hatched from an egg that the Daycare lady gave her. She had been very indecisive about what to do with her, who to evolve her into. Just as she had pretty much decided she wanted a Flareon, Europa went and evolved into an Espeon. It was a welcome change, for Myrddin hadn't even thought of an Especon or Umbreon, and it definitely worked out in the end.

Skarmory - Io - Female
Set: X-Scissor, Sky Attack, Roost, Icy Wind

Io is Myrddin's strongest Pokemon, hands down. Her defensive abilities make her a tank, but at the same time she's an excellent offensive creature as well. To top that she has many natural resistances and few weaknesses. The only downside to Io is that she's terrible in double battles. Io is a bit of a selfish creature and doesn't battle well with others. She tends to retreat into her own mind in a battle, only seeing the enemy and only hearing her trainer, but she can't keep watch over two Pokemon at the same time, it throws her off. Io has been known to use Roost to evade attacks that would have greatly damaged her if she were still a flying type, since it temporarily gets rid of that type. That is her only trump card, otherwise she relies heavily on her offensive qualities.
Out of battle Io is entirely different. Io is quite protective over her 'flock' and will grow aggressive should she not trust someone. She has ways to make you feel very, very unwelcome which is much to Myrddin's annoyance sometimes. Io gets along with everyone in the team and loves flying with Crobat.

Io was Myrddin's first capture, and Io was still very little when this happened. It was just outside Celestic Town, and Atlas had a lot of trouble getting to the Skarmory, even if she were still very strong. In the end a sandstorm whipped up by Atlas combined with the fog had ended the match and ever since the capture Io had grown steadily into the powerhouse she is now.

Crobat - Nero - Male
Set: Toxic, Hidden Power (Ground), Giga Drain, Heat Wave

Nero is a very temperamental being, he loves showing off and looking tough, but he gets really frustrated should he be losing. Nero is one of Myrddin's stronger battlers, only being overshadowed by Io and Europa. He doesn't mind about the former, Nero likes Io enough. The latter, however, annoys him to no end. Nero keeps trying to challenge Europa and to irritate her but Europa usually simply ignores him, making Nero even more mad. Nero is similar to a lion, if you've got him cornered he's at his most dangerous. Nero is known to grow tougher and definitely more lethal the worse the battle goes to his favour, and when the battle goes well for him he grows cocky and starts making mistakes. Nero does wonders under pressure, yet he sometimes completely fails when the path is entirely clear for him. Myrddin knows how to manipulate this by sending him out when tight corners present themselves, and rarely as her first Pokemon.
Nero's friends in the team are limited. Europa and Nero are at constant war, Rotom doesn't like him very much and Nero is often the chosen victim of Rotom's relentless tricks and Atlas simply tolerates him. the only ones that like Nero are Nereid, who pretty much mothers everyone, and Io.

Myrddin got Nero through a trade, which is the root of Europa's resentment. Myrddin first owned a health Staravia, but the bird didn't get along with anyone of her team apart from Europa. On the road she met a boy with the exact same problems, his Golbat was disliked by his team and even though it was a good battler, he couldn't really work with it. So they decided on a trade. Myrddin didn't expect that the Golbat would evolve straight after the trade.

Dewgong - Nereid - Female
Set: Aurora Beam, Aqua Tail, Aqua Ring, Perish Song

Nereid is the mother of the bunch. She's also the contest battler, she liked beauty and is, by far, the most graceful and elegant creature of the team. Nereid is loved by everyone and she pretty much took care of the littler ones until they evolved. Nereid used to always mother over Europa before she evolved, and now she takes care of just Rotom and Atlas. She steers clear from Rotom when he's in one of his 'moods' tough, she doesn't do well with electricity, and that is what Rotom likes to play with.
Nereid, while being Myrddin's best contest Pokemon, is definitely the worst battler of the team. She isn't all that strong, especially on land. Now in the water everything changes. Nereid is a very fast swimmer, and it would be difficult to catch her. Especially and underwater Perish Song combination would be especially deadly.

Myrddin caught Nereid as a Seel in Kanto, her first Kanto capture, but the little seal evolved quite quickly into a Dewgong. The capture wasn't too much of a noticeable one, the Seel wasn't especially strong and Myrddin had Rotom to battle her, but with a little bit of training Nereid just got better and better. Myrddin is still working on her for the battled, a constant progress of training and training, but she's getting better and better.

Hobbies: Reading, Grooming her Pokémon, Daydreaming, Sketching and Painting.
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(Rotom isn't technically legendary, so I hope that;s okay)

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