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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
does it not already? or were you talking about the whole pallettes thing?
is it just me or does any size besides 16 (when importing a bitmap) make a crash on the program?
(yes, i resized the ROMS sprite too...)
I was talking about the extended pallet part, yes.

Also, hmm. I inserted one by 32x32 and it didn't seem to crash.
Then, I tried another 24x24, and it inserted also without a crash.

I'd suggest you make sure that you set the size (i.e.24x24) before, save, and then import it. Or else you might see that crash, or an error, or something.

Apart from this, you should make sure you're using the framework 3.5, because I had a problem, too, before I updated my frame work when I tried to save the changes in the perferences. And if it's already installed, like mine was, re-download and repair it, and it should work after that. (Mine did.) Hope it helps.

@ Link, I can't seem to find any other bugs. Thanks again for this awesome tool it's been really helpful so far in my hack.

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