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Of all the roads I have to walk the winding
Name: Bobby Baker

Arena Name: Vilanto

Age: 18

Gender: Male

History: Bobby was born in the Kanto Region but moved to the Johto Region at a young age so he considers that more of his home. His dad was an assitant to Prof. Elm so they lived on the outskirts of New Bark Town. Because of this Bobby and his dad had a strained relationship as his dad was never around to take be there for him. They got along ok but never really bonded. Bobby is the oldest of three children but there is an eight year difference between him and his brother so they never really get along. However when his little brother once wandered off into the wilderness Bobby was devestated and wandered alone for three days until he found him.

When Bobby was 10 he started his Pokemon Journey like anybody recieving a Totodile for a partner. As he was about to set out his dad said he was sorry he was never there for Bobby but he was never prouder. Bobby's heart swelled at these words and set off with a spring in his step. During his journey Bobby added more to his team creating a family in miniture. Along the way Bobby became a powerful trainer on his own right, quickly becoming cocky. He was quickly taught his place by a trainer of his own age who thrashed him. That trainers name was Andrew and taught Bobby that being a trainer is more than winning.

After four years Bobby earned 8 badges and decided to take on the Elite Four. What a mistake. He couldn't even make it past the first trainer. Bobby went into a state of deppression and spent a year living and training on Mt. Silver. He finally came out of it and decided to start his journey over by traveling over Kanto to beat all the Gym Leaders. After three years he was on his fifth badge and decided to take on the Virdian City Gym Leader when he was knocked out.

Personality: Bobby is a cocky young man due to excessive winnings. However this has been tempered somewhat though this still shows through on some occasions. He loves to laugh and will try his hardest to get people to laugh no matter what. Confident and outgoing Bobby loves to meet new people (even if they don't want to meet him!) Quick to anger, quick to forgive, Bobby trusts a little too easily at times but believes in the goodness of people.

He does however get angery very easily being the first one to jump into a fight over nothing. Can be very lazy and trys a little to "impress the ladies" as he calls it. However he displays moments of philisofical insights when he's calm enough.

Appearance: Bobby is around 5ft 6in which bothers him since he believes he is short. A mop of black curley graces his head. He is contstantly brushing it out of his chocolate brown eyes as he never has time to get it cut. His tanned face is weather worn but a smile is usually on it. His body is tanned from traveling but despite 8 years of it he barely has any muscle on his wiry body.

He wears black hiking boots with dark blue slightly sandy looking jeans. A brown long-sleeved shirt covers his body while a gold chaing hangs off his neck. A rusted bracelet hangs off his left arm, which says Vilanto.

Feraligatr (M)

-Aqua Tail
-Ice Punch
Feraligatr is the main powerhouse on Bobby's team and is also his starting Pokemon. The two have a very strong relationship to the point where Feraligatr is almost Bobby in Pokemon form. Cocky but wise Feraligatr is always there to make sure the rest of Bobby's team stays in line. He shares a rivalry with Snorlax.

Flygon (M)

-Dragon Pulse
-Ice Beam
The flyer on Bobby's team, Bobby encountered Flygon as a Trapinch in Olivine City. Trapinch had been smuggled into the country and had escaped to wander aimlessly in the streets. Bobby had rescued the poor Pokemon and had raised it into the powerful Dragon it is today. Playful and spoiled at times Flygon is always willing to wisk Bobby to a town. He does have a sharp temper however which can be scary to see. Despite the differences between the two, Flygon and Glacion often team up and are best friends.

Snorlax (M)

-Giga Impact
-Focus Punch
Snorlax is perhaps Bobby's strongest addition to his team second only to Feraligatr. Consequently however he is the laziest Pokemon on his team, bringing him to conflict with Feraligatr. Unmotivated and extremly spitful one wonders why Snorlax is even here. However Feraligatr beat him in a battle which caused Bobby to catch him. He stays around to try to beat Feraligatr. He has changed somewhat since being on Bobby's team and is now conisdered part of the family. He is the wall of the team.

Charizard (M)

-Solar Beam
-Sunny Day
-Blast Burn
Charizard is a late addition to Bobby's team, givin to him by Prof. Oak when Bobby first arrived to the Kanto Region. Charizard is the loner on Bobby's team, prefering to sleep like Snorlax or train with Heracross. He fight feriously in battle and can be distrustful to new people.

Glaceon (F)

-Shadow Ball
-Signal Beam
Glaceon is Bobby's baby. He hatched her out of an egg he was givin by the old couple who run the Day Care Center in Johto. While one of the weakest members on Bobby's team he loves her so much he couldn't send her away. She can be quite feisty and is quite spoiled. She is good deep down and is constantly playing with Flygon.

Heracross (M)

-Close Combat
-Shadow Claw
-Stone Edge
One of Bobby's first captures, Heracross is the fighter on Bobby's team. "Le strong and silent type!" a cook once described Heracross. He couldn't be closer to the truth. Heracross prefers to spend time training but does partake in the fun the others get up to.

Hobbies: Likes to play guitar, write stories, and read comic books.

Forum Activity: Just about everyday though school and work conflict with this.

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