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Quote originally posted by Full Metal:
Wiell...this is either a bug, or just something you didn't add yet but for me i get an error when trying to import a bmp bigger than 16x32 even if i have resized the sprite in game. A 32x32 (and all the other default sizes i'll assume) import works, but 17x32 does not, and 18x32 etc does not (all produce the same error)
And also, i think there is a bug when resizing the sprites, the sprite is loaded just fine in any ow editor, *but* in game its a different story; (for me) there were a bunch of transparent (vertical) lines corrupting the ow. I think i found the problem by looking at the unknown bytes in OWRE in both the resized sprite and a not-resized sprite, and there was the problem; one of the "unknown bytes" had become FFFF. Tomorrow, when i have time i'll tell you how to fix with a hex editor, but nao, i can't off the top of my head. But yea...i would ask that you remove the part of your code that messes with the unknown bytes because it *does* mess up your game (that's the problem with "Overworld Changer" as well)

Oh, I see this "bug" now...yeah, I have the same problem. I think it's just lack of support, though. He'll probably add it in the next release. It -is- still a Beta. We'll have to be patient. So far, though, it's still better than most other OW editors, simply because of the extended options. (imo)

I'll be waiting for the next release. Keep up the good work, Link.


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