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Team name: N/A
Team Leader: poepoe/poeman(me)
Current Members: poepoe/poeman(me)
Current Game title: Pokémon Battle Arena Online
Current progress made: 3D, Connecting Online, Message System
Position(s) needed: Fakemon Overworld spriter(In the style of Mystery Dungeon I)
Timezone:GMT -4
Preferred Method of contact: VM/PM
Additional info: This game is almost done engine wise, and needs graphics/ sounds, for sounds I'll most likely use old pokémon music and remixes, but I would like to have some fakemon :3 along with real pokemon, there will only be 9 fakemon(3 starters) and I only need the overworld facing left(because I can flip it to get right ) it needs to be animated too. The game is like battle revolution if pokémon could level up.