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Name: Terrance "Terry" Bradshaw
Arena Name: The Doctor
Age: 19
Gender: Male
History: Terry was born and raised in Viridian City. As such, he saw his share of newbie trainers and veterans come and go. In fact, he even saw Geovanni once! Still, none of that mattered to him. He already knew what he wanted to be and that was a doctor.

Sure, travelling the world and having adventures with pokemon such as his dad's pair of bickering pidgey seemed fun, but Terry wanted to be a doctor. Not a pokemon doctor, but someone who helped people! Day and night Terry studied to be the smartest he could be. After all, not everyone who wanted to be a doctor could become one!

Still, fate has a funny way of throwing an aipom wrench into the most well-intentioned of plans. As Terry was walking home from school one day, he saw two people having an intense battle. The combatants? A nidoking and a nidoqueen. Having never seen the two pokemon in person before, Terry was instantly enamoured as the two colossi went at each other, without giving an inch of ground either way. Terry could see that a victory could be achieved if one of the pokemon would go for a dangerous leg shot, instead of going for body blow after body blow.

After instructing one of the trainers to go for it, the battle was over pretty quickly. "With that kind of insight, you should be a pokemon trainer!" Said the winner as he called back his nidoking. After thinking over what that guy had said, Terry got to thinking.

After about a year's worth of back-and-forth arguments, Terry finally convinced his parents to let him leave on his own pokemon journey, under the condition that he kept studying. Terry agreed instantly and it wasn't long until he left with a bag full of supplies, a bulbasaur and more than a couple of textbooks.

After a couple of years of studying and battling around Kanto, Terry returned home. As he stepped into Viridian Gym, nothing could have prepared him for what was going to happen...

Personality: Given that he still hopes to some day be a doctor, Terry has trained himself to be warm and welcoming to anyone who approaches him. It's not just an act either, since he's been a social butterfly for as long as anyone can remember.

However, when he is put into a stressful situation, he often becomes cold an analytical, seeing only the problem and the most clear-cut solution. This has lead to quite a bit of property damage in the past, although being able to see a problem logically has helped him a great deal in some of the tougher gym battles that he has faced.

Appearance: Terry is the very epitomy of average. His brown hair is cut to a short, average height, his skin is neither pale or tanned and his eyes are the most average shade of green that one could ever hope to see. He stands at five feet eight inches and wouldn't stand out in a crowd if his hair was on fire!

His clothes aren't much different. Terry wears a white t-shirt and a pair of slowly fading blue jeans, coupled with a pair of sneakers that would be caked in dirt if not for the fact that Terry cleans them quite often. He occasionally wears a white sweater if it gets cold, but seeing as how Viridian city is pretty warm, he stowed it in his bag which often has way more hi-potions and other such medicines in it than other trainers would deem necessary.


Venusaur - Razor (M)
Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Petal Dance, Body Slam
Razor was Terry's first pokemon and often the one who sorts out quarrels between Terry's Pokemon. Razor was presented to Terry by Professor Oak on the day that he started his journey. The two are pretty much inseprable and as such, they often imitate each other's actions. For example, when Razor is told to use body slam, Terry will stretch his arms and legs out as though he's the one who's about to press his weight against whatever's unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of the attack and if Terry is studying, Razor will sit next to him and try to understand what the squiggles in the strange paper thing mean.

Out of battle, Razor could be mistaken for being lazy, but this is just because he spends most of his time taking in sunlight and considering how to get stronger, for the sake of the team. After all, keeping this unlikely family in once piece is a two-person job at times!

Pidgeot-Connie (F)
Air Slash, Agility, Mirror Move, Twister
Remember the two bickering pidgey that Terry's dad owned? Well, one of them followed Terry for ages until she finally caught up to the boy and convinced him to take her along. Connie immediately decided to not like Razor, given how much attention he recieved from Terry, but the two will fight to the bitter end to protect each other, not that they'd admit it.

Out of all of Terry's active roster, Connie often proves to be the most troublesome in combat, as she is quite proud of her plumage and hates to get it dirty. However, once it is, the gloves are off and her opponent can only hope that Connie gets called back before it's too late...

Kangaskhan-Meteor (and Comet) (F and M respectively)
Mega Punch, Endure, Outrage, Sucker Punch
Terry came across Meteor in the Safari Zone, as one would expect. However, she was in a panic because Comet had wondered off! After finding the missing baby and managing to convince the near-inconsolable mother that he was indeed not a threat, she snatched Comet back and went back to the other kangaskahn.

That would have been the end of the story, if Terry had not decided then and there to make Meteor part of his team. For three days he tracked her down and after going through enough bait to fill a snorlax, he managed to catch her! Since then, Meteor has proven herself to be not only a powerful combatant, but a positive influence to Connie, who often had to be brought into line during her rebellious days as a pidgeotto.

Starmie-Bone Saw
Rapid Spin, Confuse Ray, Psychic, Surf
At first, Bone Saw was not a very compliant staryu. In fact, it used water gun on Terry more than it did on anyone that it faced! In time (and after a chance enounter with a water stone) Starmie began to warm up to Terry. As one of the newer members of the group, Bone Saw still has a long way to go before it gains the full trust of the team, but with every positive step, the others warm up to the plucky Starmie just as much.

Sableye-Knuckle (M)
Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Shadow Claw, Power Gem
Knuckle was a gift from Terry's uncle for passing a test that was given to him on Cinnibar Island, to see if he had in fact been studying. After passing with flying colours, Terry was presented with the pokeball that contained the precocious Sableye.

Why is he called Knuckle? Well, he has a habit of gnawing playfully on his knuckles, because he is still quite young. In fact, he once burst into tears in the middle of a fight! These childish antics often mean that Knuckle's opponents often underestimate his power when they fight him. Of course, getting him to concentrate on anything other than battling is quite a challenge. Terry often wonders if rasing knuckle was the real test...

Arcanine-Flare (M)
Fire Fang, Roar, Extremespeed, Fire Blast
Flare is fast. There's no other way to put it than that! As a growlithe, Terry took half a day of chasing Flare down until he finally managed to corner him and battle. Luckily, he already had Knuckle with him, so catching him was at least less painful that it could have been.

Over time, Flare just got faster and stronger and one day, after protecting a very tired Terry from thieves, Flare accidentally stepped on a Fire Stone that one of the thieves had dropped during their hasty escape. Since then, the self-proclaimed 'Fastest thing on Four Legs' has proven himself as a loyal guardian and a heck of a handful during feeding time!

- Reading a good book under a shady tree
- Swimming
- Drawing
- Making sure that he always has enough bandages, potions, etc (it doesn't count as a hobby per se, but he does it as often as he can)

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