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This place is even more deader everytime I come here... Guess everybody really did pack up and left.

Too lazy to quote every post I'm talking about:
Thank you very much to those that congratulated me on the Nidoran (F) and the Larvitar. 8D
Also, welcome to the club to those new members, who, as you can see, have decided to join during the Barren Era, a period in time that began a while back and spans to the present era in which the club suffers from inactivity, myself included.
Also, to all that caught new Shiny Pokemon, congratulations =D

As for me, since my last encounters, I've done zip. Only Soft resetted about 20 times on Rayquaza since...

Well, to anyone out there, this is Shadow, leaving you a message to keep looking, hatching, hunting, resetting, and to never give up. Till the next one.
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